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“The Cheapest Resort In Florida” is not actually a resort at all. But the large pool with dozens of deck chairs, cabana with wi-fi/air-conditioning/books/giant tv, and free showers would beg to tell you differently. The laundry with outdoor clothes-line and large open fire pits would also like to remind you that this week there will be two free buses to casinos should you decide to partake. The ice cream social and annual flea market & craft fair are also attempting to direct your attention to the wonders of the 230+ acre park next door; there you’ll find a large natural lake with water slides, awkward looking ducks & more giant sized palm trees than you know what to do with.

So what is this place, strangely set in ultra-lux, show thy wealth Miami, FL? Please feel welcome at the Larry & Penny Memorial Park & Campground! Yes the majority of residents are extended stay, over 55 & brandishing RVs of a serious nature. But the joy of this is that the tents’ area is completely clear and for just $17/night a bright orange Marmot tent can freely perch on its’ rocky dirt ground. Tonight the hookah will flow freely from our damp wooden table, and the the smoke shall obscure the moon. (Or the real clouds will, it’s a toss-up).

Elaborate narrative aside, it is beautiful here. High 70s-low 80s with overcast skies that are courtesy of the thunderstorm rain we had all last night. Our exceedingly good looking and well-behaved dog is technically not welcome in the tent area – why? no clue. no good reason was given. there’s no bears or alligators here – although dogs are everywhere else in the RV area. We snuck him in last night and pled guilty today, begging for an exception for tonight. Thankfully it was granted, and I played mini-soccer with the pug in the back lot while my BF showered after his run.

Shot a set for Zivity in the (controlled?) burned area of palms near the water in my cut-offs & new earrings.  It was the fourth of the trip! The first one is already up and can be seen here: http://www.zivity.com/models/Vaunt/photosets/38 We also shot some beautiful art nudes as well I’ll post as soon as I have them. I’m trying to smile more and I swear I’m getting better at it! Practice, worry about face wrinkles, practice, practice.

I don’t want to ramble on forever, so here are some highlights from the month-long trip, which is currently clocking in right in the middle. Jacksonville, Raleigh, Charleston, Richmond & DC coming up!

  • Trying to outrun snow than getting caught anyways, and being forced to stay at a great hotel & shoot instead.
  • Stopping in Charleston, WV for a break & being pleasantly surprised! Pies & Pints restaurant, and more vintage & antiques than you can shake a stick at.
  • Seeing Echo & Colin J. Rae in Tennessee, and the great hang-outs that resulted in me getting to know both of them better.
  • Overnight stop in Columbus, MS to catch-up with a childhood friend I haven’t seen in 10years. Thanks for the ancient aliens education & taking me to the BEST VINTAGE STORE ON EARTH, The Attic!
  • Hanging out with my fav super-science major & gorgeous redhead Jess Robinson, then going to the amazing Dolly Python store where I lusted after jars of coral & bone fragments. 
  • Doing a high-end club promotion video & multiple look editorial in Dallas, TX. I fear that I will never again wear so much clothing I personally couldn’t afford, and being hand delivered deeeeelicious BBQ.
  • Entering the cave of Hattie Watson and her BF in Austin, TX where we watched a documentary on black metal & I bought skunk skins.
  • The very, very long trek from there to Tampa, FL during which my phone ran out of data usage. Oops!
  • Meeting the beyond talented & fun Colin Christian and collaborating on ideas for sculptures & latex.
  • FINALLY meeting Lauren Peralta in Orland, FL + getting to shoot with her and Jose who is my favorite Tito 😛
  • Realizing & exploiting McDonalds for its free wireless & less than $3.00 meals. The good outways the bad on that one, but I can’t wait to eat better when I get home.

And, your two Moments of Zen:

Why are so many elderly folks’ dogs mean & yippie? And why does my nose burn instead of freckle-ing like my cheeks? EXPLAIN, UNIVERSE, EXPLAIN YOURSELF.


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