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Concerned Parent of the Day: Erin Carr-Jordan, a university professor and child psychologist from Chandler, Arizona, was recently banned from eight local McDonald’s restaurants as a result of her crusade against the alleged unsanitary condition of the company’s play areas.

Erin Carr-Jordan, a mother of four herself, says she’s discovered dangerous pathogens, among other harmful substances, in several McDonald’s PlayPlaces around the state.

“Many of these play places are in disgusting condition,” she told ABC News. “I’ve seen rotting food, hair, stuff stuck to the wall, second-story windows broken.”

Carr-Jordan took matters into her own hands after she requested a particular PlayPlace be cleaned, only to find out a few days later that nothing had been done. She started a concerted swabbing campaign to prove that McDonald’s’ kids area was no place for kids.

Eventually, McDonald’s sent Carr-Jordan a cease and desist letter, claiming her actions are “disruptive to both his employees and customers.”

Carr-Jordan says the ban won’t prevent her from persuing this matter. “It doesn’t mean much to me personally,” she says. “I’ve gotten positive responses from parents who said,  ‘Hey, I’m not banned, give me swabs!’”

[abcnews / video: strikegently.]


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